Steamboat Holiday Festival: AWESOME!
Steamboat Holiday Festival: AWESOME!


Mort and I had an AWESOME time at the Steamboat Holiday Festival put on by Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporations. Santa on horseback was so cool. We had no idea he could ride. Even his reindeer showed up for some holiday fun.




Mort and I rocked out in front of the stage while Face sang their harmonies. They were awesome. After that, Elyssa, the author of “Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures Steamboat” read our book on the stage with all of the children. The kids loved it. How AWESOME is that!


We had to practically drag Mort the Moose out of there. He didn’t want to leave. But we really had to get to sleep early so that we could be ready for another BIG day on Mount Werner.





Thank you to all of the people of Steamboat for making our visit rock!

~ Eli

Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures Breckenridge Book Launch is Today!
Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures Breckenridge Book Launch is Today!

Hi this is Eli!

People have been asking when Mort and I were going to write about our Epic Adventures in Breckenridge, and well, we did! Our new book, “Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures Breckenridge,” is launching today in Breckenridge! We are SO EXCITED.

While in Breckenridge we mine for gold, fend off giant spiders while skiing the Haunted Forest and visit the highest chairlift in North America! And, so much more… Our trip to Breckenridge was sick!


Come to our party at Old Masonic Building at 5:30 PM! The whole gang will be there to sign their book including the 30 AWESOME kids we worked with who illustrated the backgrounds, and Mort the Moose of course.

You can invite your friends too!

Here are the details and if you scroll down a little bit more you can see some really cool images from the book!



Lindsey Vonn meets Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures
Lindsey Vonn meets Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures

Lindsey Vonn was signing books at Kidsport in Vail on Wednesday evening. Mort and I were in Vail and we were so excited to finally meet her. We saw her race in the 2015 Championships but we have never met her. She was super nice. She even took a picture with us. I told her how Mort and I like to pretend that we are as fast as she is when we are skiing. She laughed and we laughed also. We gave her our Beaver Creek and Vail books just to say thank you. Thanks Lindsey!

Mort the Moose on the Loose
Mort the Moose on the Loose

Mort and I were near Arapahoe Basin a couple weeks ago and we saw this AWESOME sign. I asked Mort how the local people knew that Mort would be there. He didn’t know and neither did I. But we were excited to see the beautiful mountains.

My dad said it was dumping in Colorado and all over the Rocky Mountains. That made Mort and I VERY excited because it meant that ski and snowboard season was here! Yahooo.

See you on the slopes. And watch out, apparently there is a Moose on the Loose… hehehe.


Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures, For Adventuring Kids Like You!
Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures, For Adventuring Kids Like You!

Hey Mort, can you believe it’s been only 1 year since we began our adventures!

So far we have worked with 101 kids age 7-18. They are all published illustrators! Holy moly.

We have also published 5, yes 5 adventures through our books, “Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures.” We have adventures in Vail, Beaver Creek, Steamboat, Breckenridge and we also translated our Vail book into Spanish. This has been AWESOME!

Every kid should read our adventures so they can see all the fun things that we do in all these fun mountain places.

Hey Mort, what is your favorite part so far? I like catching big air, going in the hot springs, looking for gold and of course all of the restaurants and candy shops that we visit.


Oh, you say that you love riding the horses, meeting Olympic Athletes, skiing in the kid zones and fly fishing. Awesome!

There are so many things that we have done… and so many more that we are planning on doing. We can’t wait for our next adventure.

What about learning to snowboard? All of our instructors have been EPIC!

Mort, did you know that we also are donating a portion of the proceeds of our books to local charities in those resort areas! The only thing more awesome than having fun is giving back.

We are learning so much about all the charities. They help so many people. We are happy to donate to: The Youth Foundation, the Education Foundation of Eagle County, The Literacy Project of Eagle County, the Steamboat Springs Arts Council and Breckenridge Creative Arts.


Don’t tell Mort this but guess what? We have Mort the Moose dolls for everyone. If you are like me and love adventure and having fun you will love Mort the Moose. He is my partner in fun and my best friend. We do everything together.

We hope you enjoy our adventures! Please let us know if you enjoy what we are doing. We can’t wait to share our next adventure!

Eli and Mort the Moose

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