Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures Vail Book Launch
Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures Vail Book Launch

Today is a very special day. Our Epic Adventure in Vail gets launched today at the Bookworm!

Please come out to meet all of the local illustrators. There are 7 year olds and 17 year olds. It is going to be very exciting and the best part is that they will sign your book!

And don’t you know that Mort will be there to give you high fives.

We will be at the bookworm starting at 6pm tonight.

Check out some of the pages of the book…They are AWESOME!







Pink Vail with Eli and Mort the Moose, shredding against cancer
Pink Vail with Eli and Mort the Moose, shredding against cancer

Pink Vail, the world’s largest ski day to conquer cancer is less than 15 hours away. Mort and I are so excited to ski Vail and raise money to shred against Cancer.


We will be partaking in all the festivities on Vail Mountain. Join us as we ski around the checkpoints or chilling up at Eagles nest or if you would like to join us for the ski down just let us know. We will be there.


So who wants to shred against Cancer!

If you can’t join us please donate. Thank you

#pinkvail #eliandmort #vaillive

Eli and Mort’s Number 1 Fan – Zander
Eli and Mort’s Number 1 Fan – Zander

We are busy checking out all of the cool stuff for kids in Breckenridge. Mort and I spend a lot of time Googling. One place we DEFINITELY can’t wait to see is the Haunted Forest in Breckenridge next winter! We hear there is a GIANT spider and lots of crazy stuff to see.


Since we are in-between adventures we thought we would tell you some stories about our last visit to Beaver Creek. Here is one.

Just a few weeks ago we met with our number 1 fan,  Zander.

Zander had come to see us at 2015 with his Mom, but Mort just missed him. Mort was so upset we promised Zander’s Mom that we would come to Zander’s school the next day.

We showed up to surprise Zander the next morning at Mountain Montessori. Yahoo!  It was so fun. Mort and I took a lot of pictures and signed Zander’s book.


We wanted to say thank you to Zander and his class for being so nice to Mort and me.  So THANK YOU Mountain Montessori!  We can’t wait to come visit again.

~Eli and Mort

Pink Vail, Shredding Against Cancer
Pink Vail, Shredding Against Cancer

Mort the Moose and I have created a team to raise money for cancer research. Please join our team and ski with Mort on March 21, 2015 for the fourth annual Pink Vail™! The world’s biggest, pinkest ski party in the world has raised over $1,000,000 to benefit our “Spirit of Survival” program at Shaw Regional Cancer Center.

Get your pink on and join our team, “Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventure Team” and ski with us for the day!


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