Eli and Mort See Fall Colors in Vail
Eli and Mort See Fall Colors in Vail

Wow! Fall in Vail is AWESOME! We tagged along with Elyssa, Ken, Heath and Will.  What a great time. I’ve never seen such a bright yellow Aspen leaf in my life. We hiked up Vail Mountain a little bit. We saw mountain bikers “flying down the single track.” Well at least that is what Ken said they were doing.

Have you ever seen the beautiful leaves in Vail and Beaver Creek? We are waiting for the 2015 World Championships in Beaver Creek. We can’t wait. But until then we are having a great time in the Vail Valley. What are you doing this fall?

Well, gotta go. We are playing hide-and-seek with some of Mort’s deer friends. It’s hard for Mort to hide in the yellow leaves but it is easy for me.

See you soon!

Eli and Mort Can’t Wait for the 2015 Ski Championships at Beaver Creek
Eli and Mort Can’t Wait for the 2015 Ski Championships at Beaver Creek

Hello! My name is Eli and this is Mort. Mort is my best friend. Welcome to our really ROCKING blog!  I CAN’T WAIT for the 2015 Ski Champs in Beaver Creek.  Mort and I have been practicing ski racing in our room.  OK we don’t have any snow, that’s true.  But my Dad told me practice, practice, practice. And my Stepmom said if you can imagine it, you can do it, so that’s what we are doing.  Practicing on imaginary snow.

The Ski Champs are just a few months away.  Mort and I trade off who is who in practice. Today I am Lindsey Vonn and Mort is Mikeala Shiffrin. Yesterday I was Ted Ligety and Mort was Marcel Hirscher. Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! At night we have been reading about the skiers from the ski teams around the world. Have you ever heard of Swissland? I mean Switzerland? Me neither but it sounds cool. Tomorrow Mort and I are going to be Lara Gut and Anna Fenninger.

I’ve been yelled at a couple of times now for walking on the hardwood floors with my ski boots. Clomp. Clomp. They are hard to get off though. Sometimes I forget.

My Lil’ sis will be skiing for the very first time too. She’s not sure how to even pretend it. She does her best though.

Stay tuned for our adventures!


Eli (and Mort)



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