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Mort the Moose on the Loose
Mort the Moose on the Loose

Mort and I were near Arapahoe Basin a couple weeks ago and we saw this AWESOME sign. I asked Mort how the local people knew that Mort would be there. He didn’t know and neither did I. But we were excited to see the beautiful mountains.

My dad said it was dumping in Colorado and all over the Rocky Mountains. That made Mort and I VERY excited because it meant that ski and snowboard season was here! Yahooo.

See you on the slopes. And watch out, apparently there is a Moose on the Loose… hehehe.


Vail Ski & Snowboard Swap and Moose Family Reunion
Vail Ski & Snowboard Swap and Moose Family Reunion

We just got back from the 45th Annual Ski and Snowboard Swap in Vail. There was so much awesome gear there. I got a cool new helmet, blue of course and some great ski socks. My dad and stepmom got cross country skis but I’m not sure why they want to ski across the county. That sounds crazy to me. My dad says that the swap benefits Ski & Snowboard Club Vail. He told me just like our Book, “Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventure – Beaver Creek 2015” benefits the Youth Foundation. Both Mort and I said that was cool.


When we first got to the Dobson Ice Arena, in Lionshead we had to wait in line. We were so excited to see all of the new ski equipment that we imagined ourselves with our new skis practicing all of our winter tricks. I hope I get a snowboard this year. I’m a really good snowboarder you know. Actually, I know I’m going to be really good, but I have never tried it. But my dad says I can this year!!! Whoopee.


Well wouldn’t you know, when we were waiting in line we ran into Mort’s cousin, Manny and his Aunt Maisy. It was a blast! Manny is so big, so we climbed on up and played with him for awhile.


Manny the Moose and Aunt Maisy were hungry so they sat down and ate some grass. I’m not sure why they ate grass when there is perfectly good pizza in Lionshead and Vail. Mort and I were hungry also. So we gobbled up some yummy pizza that we got from the Blue Moose in Lionshead.


Before they headed out, we said goodbye. It was weird how so many people stopped to look at them when they were leaving. You know the funny thing is that we were looking at the guy carrying the cool skateboard. That was AWESOME! You know I am really good at skateboarding. Mort likes to scooter better. We rock the skate park. It is so much fun.  EliMort_Skateboarder_Moose.F14

It’s a Bear! Eli and Mort Checking out the Wildlife Getting Ready for 2015 World Championships
It’s a Bear! Eli and Mort Checking out the Wildlife Getting Ready for 2015 World Championships

So Mort and I were playing with our friends in Eagle. We were talking about all of the great athletes that are getting ready to come to Beaver Creek for the Championships but we didn’t realize that Mort’s friend Bobby the bear was here also! Mort was so excited to see his old friend.

I hung back because my dad always told me to stay away from bears. So I let Mort catch up with his friend. Turns out Bobby the Bear was eating berries from the tree. Mort liked the berries also. But my dad told me the berries weren’t the kind that kids eat.

It was fun. Mort thought so too. So did Bobbi the bear.