Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures Vail


Eli and Mort are on their next adventure and this time they are having fun at Vail. They do all the fun things there is to do in Vail like tube at Adventure Ridge, eat banana puddin at Moes BBQ, count the stars in the night sky and snowboard on their favorite run, Chaos Canyon. Join them on their adventure in Vail. Or purchase on Amazon.

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Eli and Mort the Moose are on their next adventure and this time it’s in Vail!
When Eli tries snowboarding, Mort carves right behind him. When Eli catches big air, Mort bellows, “Yahoo!”
The two are inseparable, and as the stars of a new children’s book series, “Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures,” they channel all the joy and wonder that kids feel in the big, white world of a ski resort. While in Vail their adventures just get more epic! Eli and Mort learn to snowboard, throw snowballs off of the covered bridge, watch the night sky and so much more!
The Series features background illustrations by local children ages 7 to 17 on every page, with Eli and Mort professionally illustrated. A portion of the proceeds go back to the Education Foundation of Eagle County (Efec). Don’t miss Eli and Mort on their next adventure!


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