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The Burton US Open ROCKS!
The Burton US Open ROCKS!

Mort the Moose and I have been practicing our snowboarding. We learned to snowboard and wrote it all down in our newest book, Eli and Mort Learn to Snowboard 1, 2, 3 We did it! Check it out here. It is a perfect way for any kid to get psyched on his upcoming snowboard lesson and for Mort and me, it’s a great reminder of what we learned in our lesson with our awesome snowboard instructor Remi.

Now we are at the Burton US Open #BurtonUSOpen and we get to watch the best of the best compete on Vail Mountain #Vailmountain. It is a dream come true. Mort told me one day that he is going to be the youngest moose EVER to be in the Burton US Open. I told him as long as he practices real hard he can do anything.

We hope to see everyone out there!

I almost forgot, check out our snowboarding video here, i even do a 360!

Have an Epic Adventure!

Eli and Mort the Moose