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Hey Mort! It’s Time for the Winter Carnival in Steamboat
Hey Mort! It’s Time for the Winter Carnival in Steamboat

It’s time for the Winter Carnival in Steamboat Springs!  Mort and I are so excited.  We went last year and we can’t wait!  There are so many things we can’t wait to do.

I’ve been dreaming about the Soda Pop Slalom, Skijoring and all of the awesome winter activities that happen down Lincoln Avenue, on Mount Werner and on Howelsen Hill!


Everything starts on Wednesday, but Mort and I can’t get there until Friday night.

I think the first event we are going to go to is the Tubing Party on Friday night. Zooming down Howelsen Hill under the lights is going to be super fun.  My Dad can’t wait to take us there.


On Saturday, there are so many street events.  Mort and I are going to get our badge for participation. Apparently if you don’t you have to push a peanut down Lincoln Avenue with your nose.  Mort thought that might be fun given his nose is extra large and red.  But I’d rather be in the racing with everyone in the snow! My Dad told us there are 400 tons of snow on Lincoln Avenue for all of the events.

We get to race behind horses, catch big air over jumps and be in a parade.  I’ve got my skis and my cowboy hat already. Check out how fast you go behind a horse! Yahoo! Mort went pretty fast last year. I think I was faster.

Saturday night we are going to ski down with lights on Howelsen Hill. We will do more racing on Sunday.

Come see Mort and I.  We can’t wait to meet you and more importantly, have some winter fun!