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    Eli and Mort the Moose Epic AdventureBooks for Kids!

    Resort Books creates travel and adventure books for kids. The books capture the childlike wonder kids experience when embarking on their next adventure. Eli is a five year old boy, and Mort the Moose is Eli’s best friend. They are inseparable and together they ski, snowboard, catch big air and experience all the excitement and wonder the world has to offer. We work with local children in adventure areas to create the background images for all of our books. So kids like you illustrate the backgrounds of the place they live, and want to share with the world. Don’t miss Eli and Mort on their next adventure. Who knows where they will end up next? They are all the number one selling kids books in their respective markets. The books include: Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures Colorado Summer Road Trip Eli and Mort Learn to Snowboard 1, 2, 3, We Did It! Wiggle Giggle with Mort the Moose Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures in Vail Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures Aspen  Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures Beaver Creek  Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures Breckenridge Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures Steamboat

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