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  • Eli and Mort Burton US Open

    Burton US Open 2020 ROCKS!

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    Eli Nager

    Burton US Open 2020

    Mort the Moose and I have been practicing our snowboarding. We learned to snowboard and wrote it all down in our newest book, Eli and Mort Learn to Snowboard 1, 2, 3, We Did It!. It is a perfect way for any kid to get psyched on his upcoming snowboard lesson and for Mort and me, it’s a great reminder of what we learned in our lesson with our awesome snowboard instructor Remi.

    We can’t wit for the Burton US Open #BurtonUSOpen and we get to watch the best of the best compete on Vail Mountain #Vailmountain. It is a dream come true. Mort told me one day that he is going to be the youngest moose EVER to be in the Burton US Open. I told him as long as he practices real hard he can do anything.

    We hope to see everyone out there!

    I almost forgot, check out our snowboarding video here. I even do a 360!

    Have an Epic Adventure!

    Eli and Mort the Moose

    Buy Eli and Mort Learn to Snowboard on Amazon

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