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  • Colorado Family Road Trip

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    Eli Nager

    Colorado Family Road Trip

    Eli and Mort the Moose are on their next adventure! This time they are going on an epic Colorado summer family road trip!

    First stop, Boulder, Colorado

    Boulder is famous for the Flatirons. The Flatirons are rocks taller than skyscrapers. For breakfast Eli and Mort at Beignets at Lucile’s.

    Dad taught Eli and Mort that it was important to try new things.

    After a few big bites, Mort and Eli were really full and ready for the next stop on their adventure.

    Next Stop, Fort Collins, Colorado and Fort Fun

    As you can imagine there were lots of fun things to do at Fort Fun in Fort Collins but our favorite was launching water balloons from the water balloon launcher!

    Then instead of balloons, Eli decided to launch Mort. He didn’t think that was too funny though.

    Next stop, hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park

    While at the Park Eli and Mort hiked the Wild Basin Trifecta. Well, Eli hiked and Mort the Moose rode in his backpack. We saw Copeland Falls, Ouzel Falls, and Calypso Cascades.

    Eli Imagined Orca whales dancing in the falls.

    Next Stop, Grand Lake, Colorado

    The next day Eli and Mort went paddle boarding in Grand Lake. As they squeezed into their wetsuits, Eli said to Mort, “One of the best things about being a Colorado kid is that you have a lot of awesome gear!”

    Mort and Eli had “skills” so they weren’t worried about the fact it was their first-time paddle boarding.

    Get the book: Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures Colorado Summer Road Trip!

    Next Stop, Steamboat Springs

    As Eli and Mort arrived in Steamboat Springs, they could not believe their eyes. The Steamboat sky was dotted with giant, candy-colored balloons way up high.

    Mort and Eli imagined floating from cloud to cloud in their Colorado colored hot air balloon.

    Next Stop, Winter Park

    Trestle Park in Winter Park is known for its Extreme Mountain Biking. Mort and I love anything EXTREME.

    Next Stop, Lake Dillon

    Lake Dillon is a reservoir that was created a long time ago to hold water for things like drinking and taking baths.

    Mort and Eli skipped sone stones and counted the number of skips the stones took on the top of the water before they sunk out of sight.

    “I hate baths,” Eli said to Mort. Mort doesn’t like baths much either.

    Next Stop, Breckenridge

    Since Mort and I like shopping about as much as we liked baths, we decided to jump from rock to rock on the sidewalk while my stepmom, dad, and li’l sis shopped.

    After Breck, we went to our next most favorite place in Colorado! You will have to read our next post to find out where!

    About Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures Colorado Summer Road Trip

    While on their Colorado Summer Road Trip, Eli and Mort the Moose mountain bike the 401 in Crested Butte, snowboard down sand dunes, imagine orcas swimming in waterfalls, feed gators and so much more!

    The background illustrations in the Eli and Mort Epic Adventures Series of books are drawn by “local” kids from all over Colorado.

    Get the book: Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures Colorado Summer Road Trip and plan your Colorado summer road trip adventure with your family!

    Keep an eye out for Eli and Mort’s next adventure. Who knows where they will end up next? Check out Part 2 of their adventure!

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