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  • Colorado In Summer

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    Eli Nager

    Colorado in summer is packed with adventures for kids! Here are Eli and Mort’s top 12 thing for kids to do in Colorado Summer. And don’t forget to pack your adventure gear!

    1. Mountain bike
      Down-hilling at Trestle park is our favorite. But you can mountain bike up or down or just about anywhere in Colorado. Remember kids going uphill have the right of way! Also try Crested Butte, the birthplace of mountain biking in Colorado.
    2. Take a hike
      No don’t leave, but take a hike in the Aspen and Pine forests. Be on the look out for bears and other wildlife like moose, dear and big horn sheep. But don’t feed them and let them sleep!
    3. Shred it in the summer
      Woodward on Cooper Mountain is open in the summer. So yes bring your snowboarding gear and snowboard in the summer!
    4. Ride an alpine coaster
      Ride a roller coaster, but in an Aspen and Pine forest. You get to control how fast or slow you go so anyone can do it. Even you.
    5. See a dinosaur!
      Well, dinosaur fossils that is. Yes Colorado was once the home of these gigantic creatures. When you see a sign, just pull of the highway and catch a glimpse of their giant feet or extra huge tails.
    6. Listen to live music, for free
      It’s amazing how much free music you will find if you watch the local papers. It seems just about every mountain town has a free music night. Bring a picnic!
    7. Vist a National Park
      There are 4 National Parks in Colorado! Yes four. So take your pick!
    8. Become a Junior Ranger
      Lots of the parks offer Junior Ranger programs so you can learn all about the local environment. Ask a Park Ranger. They may just help you achieve Junior Ranger status. You get an official badge and everything.
    9. Gallop through wild flowers
      Horseback riding through wildflowers is crazy fun and colorful too.
    10. Visit a ghost town
      Don’t be afraid as ghost towns just means all of the people have moved out. Still Mort and I think they are kinda spooky in a fun way. Colorado summer is the perfect time to visit them.
    11. Take a gondola ride
      Gondolas are like roller coasters, but not quite as fast. Ride them up the mountain and down again. Epic Tip: Check out if there is any free granola bars at the ticket counter before you take your ride.
    12. Surf a wave
      Yes there are lakes and rivers in Colorado but did you know there are several surf-able river waves? Eagle river has one of them.

    There is so much more to do, but here are a few of the fun things that Mort and I get up to on our Epic Colorado Road Trip.

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