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    Learn How to Snowboard in 10 Steps

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    Eli Nager

    Learn How to Snowboard

    Learning how to Snowboard is Awesome! At least I think so. Mort Agrees. Here are are ten tips from Mort the Moose on Learning to Snowboard. You can also buy the book, Eli and Mort Learn to Snowboard 1, 2, 3 We Did It! The book takes kids through a real snowboarding lesson in a silly funny way!

    1. Have Fun!

      Snowboarding is fun, so have tons of it! Sing, roll around in the snow and imagine yourself catching big air in just a few weeks!

    2. Drink lots of hot chocolate

      Definitely take a hot chocolate break. Hot chocolate makes you go faster. Eli told me so.

      Hot Chocoloate
    3. Carry your board with the bindings facing out

      It rocks to carry your board just under your shoulder with the bindings facing out. Remember safety first, so watch our for other snowboarders and skiers shredding it on the slopes.

    4. Live on the edge

      The edges of the snowboard that is. The edges are there for control. If you are going down the mountain, stay on the edges of the board. Your toes point to the toe edge of the board and your heels point toward the heel edge.

      Edges of
    5. Skate to the lift

      You can skate on the snowboard. When you are in line for the lift, just take your foot out of the back binding so you can push yourself and skate along the snow. 

      Skate to the Lift
    6. Stand up tall

      Getting off of the lift can sometimes seem kinda scary, but. The trick is to place your board on the snow and then stand up tall. Let your snowboard do the rest of the work.

      Stand up tall
    7. Sideslip down

      When you are at the top of the mountain, the next thing you need to do is get down the mountain! Sit on your heel edge and let the snowboard slide down the mountain. Now you are shredding it in the snow!

      Side Slip Down the Mountain
    8. Sideslip across the mountain

      You can also sideslip across the mountain! Stay on your heel edge and just move across the mountain. How cool is that?

      Side slip acros
    9. Take a break

      It’s pretty tiring learning to snowboard. So if you need a break take your snowboard off and leave it upside down in the snow. Yes, that’s right Eli! When you take off your board, put it face down in the snow. This way it won’t slide down the mountain. 

      Take a break
    10. Catch some air!

      Who cares if you can only catch a little in the beginning. Catch some air, then practice your next cool trick. You are crushing it.

      Catch some air

    Yahoo! 1,2,3 We did it!
    If you want to learn more and get better faster, Get Eli and Mort Learn to Snowboard, 1, 2, 3, We Did It!

    Book Cover Learn To Snowboard

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