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  • The Best Colorado Road Trip Itinerary For Families (2021)

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    Eli Nager

    Take the road trip of a lifetime with Eli and Mort the Moose as your Colorado Adventure Guide. We’ve captured all of the joy and wonder Colorado has to offer from the locals’ perspective. Here is the second part of our adventure. If you missed the first part of our trip it’s here!

    9. Next Stop, Woodward at Copper Moutain

    Have you ever heard of snowboarding in the summer? Neither had Mort. But you can at Copper Mountain.

    I said to Mort, “How do they keep the snow from melting in the sun?” Mort said he wasn’t sure but it was a big WIN as far as he was concerned.

    Mort and I were “all in” for our next stop, Vail and the alpine coaster.

    10. Next Stop, Vail, Colorado and the Alpine Coaster

    Alpine coasters are roller coasters but better because they stat off at the top of a mountain. This means you fly through the trees and have a beautiful view of the mountain. It’s great for kids like Mort and me because the coaster has breaks so you can travel as fast or as slow as you like to.

    Of course Mort and I went as fast as we could down the mountain.

    11. Next stop, Eagle, Colorado

    While in Colorado there are lots of little towns to stop at. On Thursday of Friday nights there can be live music. Since Colorado has 300 days a year of sun, you likely won’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain. We stopped in Eagle, Colorado on our way to Grand Junction to picnic under the stars, listen to some live music.

    At the concert, Mort and I laid down in the grass, ate cheese and crackers and watched shooting stars.

    12. Next Stop, Grand Junction, Colorado

    There are eight National Monuments in Colorado and Colorado National Monument is one of them.

    Dinasaurs used to live here which made sense because the rocks were as tall or taller than dinosaurs.

    Get the book: Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures Colorado Summer Road Trip and start planning your Colorado family road trip today!

    13. Next Stop, Swimming in the Hot Springs

    On our way to Aspen we stopped at the hot springs to do one of our favorite things, swim.

    There are over 50 hot springs in Colorado. It’s a great way for parents and kids to relax and have fun along the way.

    Some have been made into resort areas like the one in Pagosa Springs. Others are secret spots. You can find more in this Colorado Hot Springs Guide.

    14. Next Stop, Aspen

    The next morning Mort and I were ready to hit the horseback riding trail up to the Maroon Bells.

    The T-Lazy-Ranch offers horseback riding trips to view the Maroon Bells.

    As we rode, my horse kept bending to sneak bites of grass which made my ankles bump into the Aspen trees. Sometimes I let her eat the grass and sometimes we had to keep going. That’s just the way we worked it out. Mor decided to eat some grass too.

    Next Stop, Camping

    While camping, Mort, li’l sis and I ate s’mores and made wishes on shooting stars while the smoke from the fire kept us on the move.

    There are many awesome campgrounds in Colorado, but book them early because they are highly sought after. One of Mort and Eli’s favorites is Ridgeway. But you really can’t go wrong.

    Next Stop, Crested Butte

    Crested Butte is known for its amazing wildflowers and the best way to see them according to Mort is on a mountain bike.

    As we rode the 401 mountain bike trail, the wildflowers were so tall they clicked against our handle bards. Our skin got a little itchy but it didn’t matter. The views took our mind off of the itch.

    Crested Butte has some of the best pizza in all of Colorado. Mort’s favorite food!

    Read our next post to find out about the last stops on our Colorado Summer Roard Trip adventure!

    About Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures Colorado Summer Road Trip

    While on their Colorado Summer Road Trip, Eli and Mort the Moose mountain bike the 401 in Crested Butte, snowboard down sand dunes, imagine orcas swimming in waterfalls, feed gators and so much more!

    The background illustrations in the Eli and Mort Epic Adventures Series of books are drawn by “local” kids from all over Colorado.

    Get the book: Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures Colorado Summer Road Trip and plan your Colorado summer road trip adventure with your family!

    Keep an eye out for Eli and Mort’s next adventure. Who knows where they will end up next? Check out Part 2 of their adventure!